Clinical Education Subcommittee

Through clinical education, we strive to improve quality care and outcomes for patients in the Continuing Care Network (CCN). The Clinical Education Subcommittee is comprised of leaders from all CCN preferred providers. Their goals include the following:

  • Promote a CCN wide education program to improve quality
  • Provide opportunities for clinical education for staff in each care setting
  • Ensure clinical and practice management skills are at the forefront of the profession
  • Encourage effective methods of information sharing among all CCN members to improve overall performance

Practice structure, process, quality improvement and standardization require that all CCN clinical leaders regularly share their views and actions in this area. Through sharing best practices, knowledge and talents among network providers, we can maximize our efforts for streamlined patient care.

Directions to FESC

About the Clinical Education Subcommittee

Education Opportunities
Complete Education Plan
2018 Post-acute Classes

Reference Documents
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Knowledge Notes
Summer Quarter 2015 - Teach Back
Flu notes
Spring Quarter – Cardiac Knowledge Notes
Summer Quarter – Palliative Care Knowledge Notes
Fall Quarter – Diabetes Knowledge Notes
Winter Quarter - Heart Failure Education
Summer 2016 – Peripheral and Central Intravenous Management

Heart Failure Video
Watch the Heart Failure Module 2 with Rosemary Peterson, MD, FACC

Sepsis Education
Sepsis Brochure
Sepsis Algorithm for Adults - Home Health
Sepsis Algorithm for Adults in SNF
Sepsis Answer Key Pre & Post Test
Sepsis Attestation of Training Completion
Sepsis Education
Sepsis Post-Test
Sepsis Pre-Test
Sepsis SBAR Report to Medical Provider
Sepsis SBAR to 911/Hospital Staff

Other Opportunities
Conference 2017 | Motivational Interviewing: Successful Patient Engagement and Activation for Busy Healthcare Settings
Specialty Program 2016 | WMFC Fall: Wound Management Fundamentals
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Self-Study | Diabetes Update 2015
MED-SURG 365 | Medical-Surgical Nursing Review & Update
Self-Study | Women's Health Drug Therapy 2015
Self-Study | Adut/Geriatric Drug Therapy 2015
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Enhancing Medical-Surgical Nursing Practice
Self-Study | Geriatric Healthcare 2015
Conference 2016 | Motivational Interviewing - Successful Patient Engagement and Activation for Busy Healthcare Settings
Specialty Program | Med-Surg 365 - Overview
Conference 2016 | Clinical Pharmacology | Adult - Geriatric - Neuropsychotropic Drug Therapy